Wednesday, 24 May 2017

HOME CUBE® Multipurpose Foldable & Collapsible Pop-Up Round Laundry Bag Basket with Zippered Lid and Carry Handle (Random Colors and Patterns) @ Rs.399/-

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Strong Bottom Support Keeps the Bag Erect. Zippered Lid Covers the Bag and Keeps Laundry from Falling Off.
Easy to Fold and Store, It is Light in Weight and Has a Easy to Carry Handle. Multicolored Designs on the Bag Makes it Attractive to Eyes.
Use for Homes, Apartments, Bathroom, Student's Dorm and Hostels. Useful for Storing Toys as well.
Avoid Littering Your House with Dirty Laundry Clothes and Keep Them in this Bag.
Package contains 1 Multicolored Laundry Bag with Zippered Lid and Handle.Available in Multiple Random Colors and Patterns. All Colors and Patterns are Equally Good; HOWEVER OPTION TO SELECT A PARTICULAR COLOR OR PATTERN IS NOT AVAILABLE WITH THIS PRODUCT.

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