Sunday, 16 July 2017

Sandisk 128GB OTG Drive

SanDisk SDDD2-128G-GAM46/SDDD2-128G-G46 128 GB OTG Drive

Pric: Rs.2,699/-

SanDisk SDDD2-128G-GAM46/SDDD2-128G-G46 128 GB OTG Drive  (Black, Type A to Micro USB)

If you don't have a cloud-based account and you need to backup important data or even share them, then the ideal option for you is an OTG pen drive. You can invest in this SanDisk OTG pen drive as it allows you to do more than just backup data.

If you have movies, videos or some work-related files that you need to share with your friends or colleague, simply plug in this OTG pen drive to your OTG-enabled Android smartphone or tablet and share them. You can always use this OTG pen drive as a backup, allowing you to shoot more pictures and videos on-the-go.