Sunday, 13 August 2017

Extension Cord (4.8 Meter) - White

Price: Rs.299/-

ELV Extension Board 6 Amp 4 Plug Point with Master Switch, LED Indicator, Extension Cord (4.8 Meter) - White

COMPACT BUILT, STURDY DESIGN: The compact and lightweight features a sturdy design and is ideal to be carried with you anywhere you go, It's completely safe to be used at your home, office, business establishment or anywhere you like.
PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: One Master Switch, 6 Ampere - 240V in Total, AC Only.
HEAVY-DUTY 4.8 METER CORD: It's heavy-duty design helps protect the cord from damage and ensures optimal power flow to your devices.
4 SOCKETS FOR NON STOP PERFORMANCE: Four Sockets for Non-stop Performance Whether you have a TV or computer, printer or scanner, music system or emergency light, It works well with all your digital devices, The neatly designed sockets accommodate the power points of your devices and ensure that each device gets the proper power flow without any fluctuation.
PREMIUM MATERIAL: It is a well-designed product on the Indian market, It is elegant and nicely engineered, It has a plastic body and strong cord.

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