Sunday, 3 September 2017

Prestige 1.0 Vegetable Cutter, 1-Piece, Green, 500 ml

Price: Rs.1,007/-

Ideal Vegetable and Fruit Cutter for Everyday Use, Featuring an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade and a unique ring handle design with a pull-cord, the Prestige 1.0 vegetable cutter is the perfect hand chopper for your kitchen. With the ability to perform multitude of tasks such as chopping, cutting, slicing and more, you can use this chopper to prepare salads, sabzi preparations, fresh fruit salads, purees and more. Simple Manual Function for Ease of Use, Featuring unique Swiss technology, with a simple tug of the pull-cord, you can have your freshly cut vegetables and fruits in an instant. From hard vegetables such as onions and potatoes to softer ones like tomatoes and capsicum and other items such as fruits, cheese, cooked meat, fish and more, get freshly chopped ingredients for your healthy and tasty dishes with minimal effort and no electricity using the Prestige 1.0 vegetable cutter. Adding to its versatility, you can get different levels of chopping such as coarse, medium and fine, making this chopper ideal for a variety of uses. Easy to Clean, Maintain and Store, Made from high quality sturdy plastic and PU handles for better grip, the Prestige 1.0 vegetable cutter is built to last for a long time, even with regular use. Its design makes it easy to clean the chopper without any hassles. The plastic container along with the storage lid can be used to refrigerate chopped vegetables and fruits and retain their freshness for a long time.

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