Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Hand Pump Intex Double Quick I Air Manual Hand Foot Pump Small Size


Price: Rs.250/-
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1) This is Double Quick I air pump which pumps 0.9 Liters air per Cycle (Quick 1I supplies 1.7 Liters air per Cycle)
2)This inflation pump includes an accordion air hose with 3 interconnecting nozzles to fit small, medium and large diameter inflation valves
3) The universal valve fittings allow this inflation pump to inflate air mattresses, pool rafts, beach balls, inflatable boats and more you can also buy the inflatables like swimming pool, Bopbag, bear/elephant chair
4) This inflation pump's air flow inflates your inflatable with manual action similar to a bicycle pump
5) This manual air pump inflates on both the down stroke and the up stroke for no wasted effort and faster inflation
6) This inflation pump prevents the huffing and puffing and gets the job done much faster than blowing up an inflatable by mouth so try & save your breath

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