Friday, 2 March 2018

LightSpeed Glyd - Your Futuristic Electric Bicycle | An Urban Bike with Pedal

Price: 29,999/-

Glyd is an urban electric bicycle from India's own EV manufacturer - LightSpeed Mobility. Glyd is specifically designed for riding to work, running day-to-day errands, and cycling for pleasure on even roads. It can tackle potholes and other challenges offered by Indian city streets. Motor and Battery: Its 250 Watt 32nm Rear Hub Motor is powered by a 7.8Ah Lithium Ion Battery. This battery is concealed in an elegant bottle case that fits on the bottom bracket of the bicycle. The battery is removable and portable, so you can charge it like a laptop in just 3 hours. Pedal Boost System: Glyd has a 3 Level Pedal Boost System that replaces mechanical gears and allows you to select the amount of assistance you want from the motor. A 12 magnet sensor attached to the bottom bracket is senses your pedalling action. If you set your Pedal Boost to Minimum, most of the effort of riding is yours. When you raise the Pedal Boost level to Medium and High, you get progressively higher assistance from the motor, as though you're being pushed forward. Glyd also has a Twist Throttle for times when you want to cruise along. Basic Display with LED Battery Level Indicator: On your handlebar is a Basic Display with LED Battery Level Indicator. This display shows you the remaining battery so you know how much to ask of your bicycle, and when to recharge it. This efficient little gadget also lets you select and quickly switch between 3 Pedal Boost levels at the touch of a button. Responsive e-Brakes: As you speed along on your Glyd and commute through mind-numbing urban traffic, the braking system on your electric bicycle must be responsive and effective. Glyd comes with 26 inch superior grip (low friction) wheels to tackle potholes, puddles, and fast moving traffic. It has high calibre e-Brakes, which immediately cut the power supply from the motor when engaged. When you apply the brakes, all movement comes to a swift halt. When you ride your LightSpeed Glyd optimally,

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